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OOMK 3rd issue launch


image via OOMK

This evening after work I attended the One Of My Kind (OOMK) launch in Kilburn despite yearning for my sofa. Needless to say I made the right decision by going to this launch instead.

So what is OOMK? OOMK is a quite unique visual small press publication with writings, photographies and drawings from ethnic women for ethnic women. The focus is on faith, imagination, activism and art. I especially liked the fact that ethnic women, especially muslim women have the chance here to share their creativity with an audience similar to themselves, hence ‘one of my kind’.

The event was great fun with entertainment, food and tea and also inspiring thanks to the performing artists. I really liked the atmosphere that evening, which was full of love, inspiration and creativity.

I purchased a copy of the issue at the event and did not have a chance yet to read the whole magazine. I did manage to meet and see some of the featured artists at the event however:

Sonia Yekinni


image via Yekinni

Sonia is an illustrator and designer with an Illustration degree from Kingston University. She is amazingly creative and also adorably shy, a proper sensitive artist it seems. At the event she also hosted the creative drawing stand, where you had to draw while blindfolded with instructions from a partner. Of course I had to give that a try, great fun! You can check out Sonia’s illustrations in the new OOMK magazine and on her website.

Sanaa Hamid

image via Sanaa Hamid

image via Sanaa Hamid

Sanaa does not only have the most infectious laughter but she also published some really great projects about cultural appropriation and colonialism. Two topics that are more relevant than ever, especially cultural appropriation in pop culture these days. I am sure Iggy Azalea and Avril Lavigne would agree on that.

Vibha Osbon

image via Action Village

image via Action Village

Vibha came to talk about the Madras Cafe, which is a sort of restaurant that donates the proceeds to marginalized communities in rural India. Delicious food and helping others, what’s not to love about this idea? ‘Nuff Said!

Amaal Said
Amaal shared some of her poetry, which left everyone silent, touched and with watery eyes. Okay, I am exaggerating but it was a moving performance and I encourage you to check out her poems. She is not featured in the current OOMK issue but I am sure we will soon hear much more from her.

Of course there were many more great artists that are featured in the magazine and that performed at the event but I didn’t have the chance to catch everyone, sorry!

Anybody else interested in being featured on my blog or willing to share pictures from the event, please contact me.


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